Borgo dei Trulli Appassimento

Borgo dei Trulli Appassimento

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Borgo dei Trulli 17 Primitivo Appassimento Lucale Salento

Seriously silky and intense, this is supple, well-balanced, with layers upon layers of dark fruit, fine tannins and a long and lingering finish.  Delicious

Masseria Borgo dei Trulli purchased vineyards in the best viticultural areas of Puglia, specifically in the communes of Sava, Manduria and Maruggio, all in the province of Taranto.  It then found an old Masseria surrounded by old vines, and decided to use this unique location to build its new State-of-the-Art winery where it can produce excellent wines from the proprietary vineyards.The Trulli name comes from the local dry stone dwellings with a domed roof.

Vineyard & Winemaking – The grapes are carefully picked by hand in early/mid September. In late August, when the grapes have reached perfect maturity, a special technique called “il giro del picciolo” (the twisting of the stem) is applied to approximately 50% of the grapes. This consists in twisting the stem of the grape bunches so that no further nourishment reaches the grapes, thus inducing a natural drying of the fruit on the vine. The grapes are left on the plant for approximately 12 days (along with the other grapes which benefit from the late harvesting) and lose approximately 25-30% of their weight in water, concentrating their flavors and aromas.