Pascal Aufranc Vignes de 1939 Chenas

Pascal Aufranc Vignes de 1939 Chenas

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Pascal Aufranc Vignes de 1939 Chénas En Rémont Cru Beaujolais 2019

"The Chénas appellation is, like its closest neighbor Moulin-à-Vent, one of the most full-bodied and highly-regarded of the 10 “Crus” of the Beaujolais wine region. With only 635 acres located on the single slopes of Mont Rémont, it is the smallest of the Cru. Chénas owe its name to the oak tree - “Chêne” in French- forest that use to cover this hillside before being replaced by vines in the 15th century.

93 Pts JS "Vines planted in 1939 on the En Rémont vineyard give great concentration as well as dark black fruits. This wine's tannins are still young, richly structured while not masking the potential fruitiness. The wine will age well"

91 Pts WE "Pascal Aufranc farms a parcel of ancient vines at the border of the forest in Chénas, providing a wine with intriguing earthiness, its tannins powerful and gripping against the equally intense black-raspberry fruit. It's saturated, firm and substantial, a wine for steak or for the cellar"

“a bouquet of flowers in a velvet basket“.