Trilogy Cotes du Rhone White
Trilogy Cotes du Rhone White

Trilogy Cotes du Rhone White

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Domaine de Coste Chaude Trilogy 2017 AOC Côtes du Rhône Villages Visan White France
Evidence of life in Gallo-Roman times has been found at Visan, demonstrating that the area was already occupied during that period. Visan had its own communal grape-press as early as 1250. Having once belonged to the Knights Templar, Visan became Papal territory in 1344.
Côtes du Rhône Villages has been a protected designation of origin AOP for wines from the French Rhône wine region since 1966. It is part of the AOP Côtes du Rhône, located in its southern part. Côtes du Rhône Villages is characterized by stricter quality regulations. 20 of the 95 wine-growing communities, including Visan, can further distinguish themselves by mentioning the place name. Only a small proportion of the wines are white.
On a hill east of Visan at an altitude of 360m lies the Domaine de Coste Chaude, with 37 hectares of land. Viticulture has been documented here since 1582. The influence of the Mistral shapes the Rhône Valley. On the one hand it is dry, but for the winemaker it reduces fungal diseases. The soil consists of marl mixed with limestone deposits from the Miocene. This stony and clayey soil is very similar to that in the well-known Châteauneuf du Pape, less than 30 km away. The vines have been grown organically since 2014. In order not to disturb the ideal ecosystem, the mixed planting of forest and vineyards is preserved.

This rare white Côtes du Rhône Villages brings complex and subtle aromas of southern France into your glass. Golden in color with brilliant silver shimmers. The nose is fruity with lemon, white fruits such as peaches and pears, grapefruit zest, mineral notes of flint, roasted aromas and subtle aromas of white flowers. Full and round on the palate. With a slight lemony acidity and a pleasant hint of bitterness. Beautiful opulence. Long-lasting fruit aromas and freshness.
1/3 Roussanne, 1/3 Viognier, 1/3 Grenache blanc